Twilight Sanctuary

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Quest icon.pngTwilight Sanctuary
Episode 2
Category: Tower
Reward: Normal: 5000
Hard: 7000
Very Hard: 12000
Ultimate: 75000
Info: Cleanse the sanctuary's tower from the darkness!
Author: Esther
Languages: English
Total XP

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A lurking presence is disrupting the sanctuary. Exterminate all that it has brought to the tower.
- Quest description

Twilight Sanctuary (commonly abbreviated as "TS") is a very challenging quest designed specifically for the intent of posing a rigorous and intensive challenge for skilled players in a 4-player party. A unique fact about TS is that despite being a difficult quest taking place in tower, it has the complete absense of Epsilon. While this quest can be played with less than 4-players, it's strongly recommended to run it with a full team. Should a party clear TS without a single death, Leo will grant players a huge Meseta reward. This is only applicable in the Ultimate Mode difficulty.

Players capable of an Ultimate Mode deathless run will be rewarded 800,000 Meseta from Leo Grahart; on top of the 75,000 base Meseta reward for clearing the quest. This tallies up to a 875,000 Meseta reward total to all players in the party.

Enemy Counts[edit | edit source]

Jungle East
Enemy Count
Merillia 10
Meriltas 10
Ul Gibbon 15
Zol Gibbon 9
Gee 24
Sinow Berill 9
Sinow Spigell 5
Mericarol 1
Control Tower
Enemy Count
Recobox 43
Mericarol 34
Merikle 25
Mericus 20
Gibbles 35
Gi Gue 40
Ill Gill 90
Del Lily 90
Delbiter 48
Random Mericarol 3
Enemy Count Enemy Count
Merillia 10 Recobox 43
Meriltas 10 Mericarol 35
Ul Gibbon 15 Merikle 25
Zol Gibbon 9 Mericus 20
Gee 24 Gibbles 35
Sinow Berill 9 Gi Gue 40
Sinow Spigell 5 Ill Gill 90
Del Lily 90
Delbiter 48
Random Mericarol 3
Box Type Count Box Type Count
Jungle East Control Tower
Box 34 Box 30
Box (Weapon) 2