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Gun icon.png Arms
Star normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.png
Type: Shot
Requirement: 120 ATA
Max Grind: 10
Targets: 5
HUmr HUnl HUct HUcl
RAmr RAml RAct RAcl
FOmr FOml FOnm FOnl
H. Dist: 130
H. Angle: 45°
V. Dist: 30
V. Angle: 36°
Hex: 000904
An exceptional shotgun.
Has amazing power.
- In-game description


Box Drops

Section ID Difficulty Area Drop Rate
Viridia Hard Cave 3 1/455
Jungle North 1/455
Mountain 1/372
Redria Hard Cave 3 1/455
Jungle North 1/455
Very Hard Cave 3 1/455
Jungle North 1/455

Quest Reward

An Arms with 10 grind can be obtained by talking to Irene after completing 3-3:Central Control on Very Hard, while playing as a Ranger. Only one Arms can be obtained this way per character.