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Sword icon.pngVjaya
Star normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar empty.png
480 ATP
Max Grind
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HUmr HUnl HUct HUcl
RAmr RAml RAct RAcl
FOmr FOml FOnm FOnl
H. Dist
H. Angle
V. Dist
V. Angle
A legendary long sword for the wealthy.
Can launch a powerful attack at the cost of Meseta.
- In-game description

Vjaya is a common rare partisan.

However, despite its mediocre stats and rarity, Vjaya is the strongest partisan in the game due to its unique special. Vjaya has a special form of Charge: Every swing, no matter how many targets are hit, even none, will cost the user 10,000 meseta in order to do a strike which inflicts 5.56x the base damage amount. This makes the weapon very unsustainable for prolonged use, but it is a popular weapon for difficult spawns and speedruns due to its immense power.

Vjaya's special uses heavy accuracy and pushes enemies back like a heavy attack. Vjaya's special also builds Photon Blast.


Vjaya has Ephinea-exclusive cosmetic skins that can be obtained. This renames the Vjaya to Vjaya*. The skin can be removed via using Tool icon.pngNeutralizer, but you will not receive the used weapon skin back.

Skin Hex
Tool icon.pngHeart of Plantain Huge Fan 00040D
Tool icon.pngHeart of Chameleon Scythe 00040E
Tool icon.pngHeart of Soul Banish 00040F


Enemy Drops

Section ID Difficulty Enemy Drop Rate
Viridia Hard Nar Lily (E1) (Rare) 7/8
Satellite Lizard 1/379
Very Hard Gigobooma 1/183
Poison Lily (E1) 1/512
La Dimenian (E1) 1/366
La Dimenian (E2) 1/206
Dubchic (E2) 1/213
Sinow Zele 1/183
Deldepth 1/160
Bluefull Hard Hildeblue (E1) (Rare) 7/8
Nar Lily (E1) (Rare) 7/8
Pouilly Slime (Rare) 7/8
Nar Lily (E2) (Rare) 7/8
Hildebear (E2) 1/45.7
Hildeblue (E2) (Rare) 7/8
Dark Belra (E2) 1/104
Migium (E2) 1/81.3
Chaos Sorcerer (E2) 1/146
Mericarol 1/45.7
Gi Gue 1/45.7
Morfos 1/160
Ill Gill 1/160
Del Lily 1/183
Merikle 1/45.7
Mericus 1/45.7
Epsilon 1/213
Zu 1/183
Very Hard Evil Shark 1/427
Nano Dragon 1/116
Migium (E1) 1/81.3
Hidoom (E1) 1/81.3
Dimenian (E2) 1/427
Poison Lily (E2) 1/427
Hildebear (E2) 1/45.7
Dark Belra (E2) 1/183
Gillchic (E2) 1/427
Dubchic (E2) 1/213
Barbarous Wolf (E2) 1/427
Pan Arms (E2) 1/73.1
Merillia 1/427
Zol Gibbon 1/366
Sinow Zoa 1/213
Sinow Zele 1/183
Merissa A 1/379
Ultimate Vulmer 1/213
Gillchich (E1) 1/213
Merlan (E2) 1/206
Merillia 1/213
Boota 1/213
Merissa A 1/210
Pinkal Very Hard Pal Shark 1/366
Dimenian (E1) 1/427
Delsaber (E2) 1/256
Merillia 1/427
Dolmdarl 1/366
Yellowboze Hard Merikle 1/45.7
Very Hard Hidoom (E1) 1/81.3
Rag Rappy (E2) 1/128
Meriltas 1/366

Box Drops

Section ID Difficulty Area Drop Rate
Viridia Ultimate Forest 2 1/630
Cave 3 1/585
Mine 2 1/455
VR Temple Beta 1/630
Jungle North 1/585
Mountain 1/455
Bluefull Very Hard Mine 2 1/585
Ruins 3 1/455
Mountain 1/585
Seabed Lower / Control Tower 1/455
Ultimate Forest 1 1/630
Forest 2 1/585
Cave 1 1/455
Cave 2 1/372
VR Temple Alpha 1/630
VR Temple Beta 1/585
VR Spaceship Alpha 1/455
VR Spaceship Beta 1/372
Pinkal Ultimate VR Temple Beta 1/630
Jungle North 1/585
Mountain 1/455

Wandering Tekker

Main article: Coren
Day Meseta Rate
Wednesday 10,000 1/625
100,000 1/313

Quest Reward

A Vjaya with 40 Hit can be obtained by talking to Elly after completing 6-5:Test/Spaceship 5 on Ultimate while playing as a Hunter. Only one Vjaya can be obtained this way per character.