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Quests are optional missions in PSO that give rewards for clearing them. Ephinea offers both the original Sonic Team quests and an assortment of community- and staff-created quests. The majority of quests are available to play in both One Person and multiplayer mode, but some are specific to one or the other. Quests are started at the quest counter, and displayed by category, along with a short description for each quest. Quests are cleared in various ways, with some not having any clear condition at all; most of the Shop quests fall into this category.

Government Quests

The Government Quest counter is located in the Principal's Office in Episodes 1 and 4, and in the Lab in Episode 2. Similar to previous versions of Phantasy Star Online's offline story missions, Government Quests involve investigating the surface of Ragol and moving through the main story of PSO. Government Quest unlocks are episode-based, so clearing Episode 1's quests isn't necessary to play Episode 2 or 4's quests. Additionally, some Government Quests give out rewards the first time they're cleared on a given character and difficulty. Unlike other quests, players may join Government Quests while they are in progress.

Hunter's Guild

The Hunter's Guild counter is located on Pioneer 2, in the same room where players initially spawn. The Hunter's Guild contains all non-Government Quests. In multiplayer, it consists of five subsections: Extermination, Maximum Attack, Retrieval, Shop, and VR. In One Person mode, the Hunter's Guild contains two additional subsections: Side Story and Solo Only. Rewards for completing missions differ depending on the content of the mission. The Hunter's Guild counter is also used to begin Battle and Challenge Mode games.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode stages are available for both Episode I and II, with each Episode having 9 and 5 stages respectively. To play Challenge Mode, it must be selected during party creation in the lobby. Parties must clear stages sequentially in order to progress. At the start of each Challenge stage, all levels, equipment, and learned techniques will be reset to the stage's default. Returning to Pioneer 2 is not possible until a stage is either failed or cleared. Each player is given a set number of Scape Dolls; these are the only way party members can be revived. The whole team will be sent back to the Hunter's Guild if the HP of one of the participating member drops to zero and they have run out of Scape Dolls.

Episode 1 Episode 2
Stage 1: Forest Stage 1: VR Temple
Stage 2: Caves 1 Stage 2: VR Spaceship
Stage 3: Caves 2 Stage 3: Central Control Area
Stage 4: Caves 3 Stage 4: Seabeds
Stage 5: Mines 1 Stage 5: Tower
Stage 6: Mines 2
Stage 7: Ruins 1
Stage 8: Ruins 2
Stage 9: Ruins 3

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, players battle one another by rules set by the party leader. To play Battle Mode, it must be selected during party creation in the lobby. At the beginning of each game, the rules set by the team leader will be displayed; each player will be positioned at one of four starting locations. Players compete to defeat as many of their opponents as possible within the time limit. Certain weapons, items, equipment, Mags, and techniques may be unusable, depending on the selected rules. A player falls when their HP drops to 0, and the fallen player will respawn at a random location on the map. The game is over when time expires.

Quest List

Episode 1

Government Side Story Extermination Event
1-1:Planet Ragol Battle Training Mop-up Operation #1 Christmas Fiasco
1-2:Torrential Woods Magnitude of Metal Mop-up Operation #2 Maximum Attack E: Forest
1-3:Subterranean Den Claiming a Stake Mop-up Operation #3 Maximum Attack E: Caves
2-1:Infernal Cavern The Value of Money Mop-up Operation #4 Maximum Attack E: Mines
2-2:Deep Within Journalistic Pursuit Sweep-up Operation #1 Maximum Attack E: Ruins
2-3:The Mutation The Fake in Yellow Sweep-up Operation #2 Maximum Attack
2-4:Waterway Shadow Native Research Sweep-up Operation #3 MAXIMUM ATTACK 1 Ver2
3-1:The Facility Forest of Sorrow Sweep-up Operation #4 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -1A-
3-2:Machines Attack Gran Squall Endless Nightmare #1 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -1B-
3-3:Central Control Addicting Food Endless Nightmare #2 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -1C-
4-1:The Lost Ruins The Lost Bride Endless Nightmare #3 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -1R-
4-2:Buried Relics Waterfall Tears Endless Nightmare #4 Maximum Attack E: Episode 1
4-3:Hero & Daughter Black Paper Today's Rate Maximum Attack S
4-4:The Tomb Stirs Secret Delivery Retrieval Random Attack Xrd Stage
4-5:Dark Inheritance Soul of a Blacksmith The Missing Maracas Random Attack Xrd REV 1
Solo Only Letter from Lionel Lost HEAT SWORD VR
Gallon's Plan The Grave's Butler Lost ICE SPINNER Towards the Future
Towards the Past Knowing One's Heart Lost SOUL BLADE Tyrell's Ego
Good Luck! The Retired Hunter Lost HELL PALLASCH Labyrinthine Trial
AOL CUP -Sunset Base- Dr. Osto's Research Fragments of a Memory Sugoroku
Knight of Coral Unsealed Door Rappy's Holiday Simulator 2.0
Soul of Steel Rescue from Ragol Mine Offensive
Doc's Secret Plan Gallon's Treachery Endless: Episode 1
Seek my Master Forsaken Friends Halloween
From the Depths Dark Research 2.0 Hollow Battlefield: Caves
Central Dome Fire Swirl This Must Be The Place Hollow Battlefield: Ruins
Road To Nowhere Shop
Christmas Event Shop
Anniversary Badge Shop

Episode 2

Government Event Maximum Attack Halloween
5-1:Test/VR Temple 1 Festivity On The Beach MAXIMUM ATTACK 2 Ver2 Hollow Reality: Temple
5-2:Test/VR Temple 2 Christmas Fiasco Maximum Attack 4th Stage -2A- Hollow Reality: Spaceship
5-3:Test/VR Temple 3 Maximum Attack E: Temple Maximum Attack 4th Stage -2B- Hollow Phantasm: Jungle
5-4:Test/VR Temple 4 Maximum Attack E: Spaceship Maximum Attack 4th Stage -2C- Hollow Phantasm: Seabed
5-5:Test/VR Temple 5 Maximum Attack E: CCA Maximum Attack 4th Stage -2R-
6-1:Test/Spaceship 1 Maximum Attack E: Seabed Maximum Attack E: VR
6-2:Test/Spaceship 2 Maximum Attack E: Tower Maximum Attack E: Gal Da Val
6-3:Test/Spaceship 3 Extermination Maximum Attack S
6-4:Test/Spaceship 4 Phantasmal World #1 Random Attack Xrd Stage
6-5:Test/Spaceship 5 Phantasmal World #2 Random Attack Xrd REV 2
7-1:From the Past Phantasmal World #3 Tower
7-2:Seeking Clues Phantasmal World #4 The East Tower
7-3:Silent Beach Sweep-up Operation #5 The West Tower
7-4:Central Control Sweep-up Operation #6 Raid on Central Tower
7-5:Isle of Mutants Sweep-up Operation #7 The Military Strikes Back
8-1:Below the Waves Sweep-up Operation #8 Twilight Sanctuary
8-2:Desire's End Sweep-up Operation #9 Shop
8-3:Purple Lamplight Gal Da Val's Darkness Gallon's Shop
Side Story CAL's Clock Challenge Item Present
Seat of the Heart Retrieval Singing by the Beach
Blue Star Memories Lost SHOCK RIFLE Beach Laughter
Solo Only Lost BIND ASSAULT To The Deepest Blue -MA4 Venue-
Knight of Coral Advent Lost FILL CANNON TA Reward Shop
A New Hope Lost CHARGE VULCAN The Egg Shop
Dream Messenger VR
Revisiting Darkness Reach for the Dream
Dolmolm Research Respective Tomorrow

Episode 4

Government Extermination Event
9-1:Missing Research Point of Disaster Christmas Fiasco
9-2:Data Retrieval The Robots' Reckoning Maximum Attack E: Crater
9-3:Reality & Truth War of Limits 1 Maximum Attack E: Desert
9-4:Pursuit War of Limits 2 Maximum Attack
9-5:The Chosen (1/2) War of Limits 3 MAXIMUM ATTACK 3 Ver2
9-6:The Chosen (2/2) War of Limits 4 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -4A-
9-7:Sacred Ground War of Limits 5 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -4B-
9-8:The Final Cycle New Mop-Up Operation #1 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -4C-
Side Story New Mop-Up Operation #2 Maximum Attack 4th Stage -4R-
Warrior's Pride New Mop-Up Operation #3 Maximum Attack E: Episode 4
The Restless Lion New Mop-Up Operation #4 Maximum Attack S
Pioneer Spirit New Mop-Up Operation #5 Random Attack Xrd REV 4
荒野の果てに Sweep-up Operation #10 Shop
Black Paper's Dangerous Deal Sweep-up Operation #11 Claire's Deal 5
Black Paper's Dangerous Deal 2 Sweep-up Operation #12 The Beak's Cafe Ver.2
Sweep-up Operation #13 VR
Sweep-up Operation #14 Beyond the Horizon
Retrieval LOGiN presents 勇場のマッチレース
Lost BERSERK BATON Halloween
Lost SPIRIT STRIKER Hollow Wasteland: Wilderness