Drop Charts/Level 30 Techniques

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Level 30 Techniques drop on Ultimate difficulty only, and only in specific areas.

In the areas where the 30 technique drops, there is a 0.1% chance of dropping that technique with any level, and then 10% chance for it to drop with level 30. Combined with other drop rate modifiers, this puts the chance of a level 30 technique drop at 1/500,000.

Drop Chart

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 4
Foie Ruins 2 VR Temple Alpha N/A
Gifoie Ruins 1 VR Temple Beta N/A
Rafoie Mine 2 VR Spaceship Alpha Crater (East)
Barta Mine 1 VR Spaceship Beta Crater (West)
Gibarta Cave 3 Jungle North Crater (South)
Rabarta Mine 1 Jungle East Crater (North)
Zonde Mine 2 Mountain Crater (Interior)
Gizonde Ruins 1 Seaside/CCA Sub. Desert 1
Razonde Ruins 2 Seabed Upper Sub. Desert 2
Grants Ruins 3 Seabed Lower/Tower Sub. Desert 3/Boss
Megid N/A Seabed Lower/Tower Sub. Desert 3/Boss