Hunters Boost Road

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Hunters Boost Road (abbreviated in-game as HBR) is a rotating set of quests that provide drop rate bonuses the more they are played. It was inspired by Phantasy Star Universe's GUARDIANS Boost Road.

Each month, there are sets of quests that can be played to accumulate points that will increase the Drop Anything Rate (DAR) and the Rare Drop Rate (RDR) while playing any quest in the set. Each quest must be completed the same number of times to advance in rank.

Points earned on the Hunters Boost Road are shared across all characters on an account. When a quest is completed, points will be earned depending on the difficulty level the quest is played on: 1 point in Normal mode, 2 points in Hard mode, 4 points in Very Hard mode, and 6 points in Ultimate mode. The boosts are cumulative in a party, so four players' HBR points all give boosts together.

Detailed information about Hunters Boost Road progress can be found by typing /hbr while in game. Note that RDR information is not displayed with this command - it's a hidden boost not normally visible to players.

HBR Boosts
Points DAR Bonus RDR Bonus Ranking
6 +5% - D Rank
12 +10% C Rank
18 +11%
24 +13%
30 +15% B Rank
36 +16%
42 +18%
48 +19%
54 +20% A Rank
60-66 +21%
72-90 +22% S Rank
96-126 +23%
132-150 +24%
156-174 +25% SS Rank
180-198 +1%
204-222 +2%
228-246 +3%
252-270 +4%
276-294 +5%
300 +6%