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A player checking their Hunters Boost Road points

The Hunters Boost Road, commonly known as HBR, is a continuously occurring feature which highlights a set of quests which can be played together in order to accumulate various boosts while playing the quests featured in the boost road. Boosts are applied to the quests in the Hunters Boost Road when all featured quests are played - playing only one quest will not earn the player any boosts until points are accumulated in all of them.

The quests in the Hunters Boost Road are changed monthly, generally sometime during the first weekend of the month, and all current Hunter Boost Road points will be reset to zero.

Players can earn up to +25% drop anything rate and +6% rare drop rate, which are shared with members of the party, allowing for a maximum boost rate of +100% drop anything rate and +24% rare drop rate in a party full of players with maxed out points. For characters under level 100 and outside of Ultimate difficulty, players can also earn up to +50% experience rate, which is not shared with other members of the party.

Due to the amount of boosts that can be earned, the Hunters Boost Road is a popular activity for all levels of player, as the chosen quests allow players to level up or hunt items much more efficiently than other methods.

Players can check their total amount of points at the lobby counter under "Statistics", or type /hbr for a banner across the screen anywhere.

Quest selection

As of January 2022, 3-5 quests are selected for the Hunters Boost Road picked entirely at random from a predefined list, with no criteria or patterns to be met. However, once a quest has been featured in the boost road, it will not appear again during the same calendar year, to allow other quests to be part of the boost road and avoid too much repetition.

The quests eligible for Hunters Boost Road are those which are deemed to be less popular or less efficient in general, in order to increase the variety of quests to be played.

Prior to January 2022, quests were decided manually as part of a set, such as the Phantasmal World quests, or the Lost Episode 1 quests.

Eligible quests

Point accumulation

Each time a quest that is featured on the Hunters Boost Road is cleared, Hunters Boost Road points will be earned for that quest, depending on the difficulty:

  • Normal: 1
  • Hard: 2
  • Very Hard: 4
  • Ultimate: 6

A player's total Hunter Boost Road points is determined by the quest they have the least points in. This means that if the player has 20 points in quests 1 and 2, but only 10 points in quest 3, they will only have 10 total points. These total points determine the amount of boosts that the player will receive during the quests.


Depending on the total points earned, the player will be given a rank in the Hunters Boost Road. This rank is purely cosmetic, but gives players a general indicator of how well they are progressing on the boost road. The ranks range from D to SS.

Rank Points
D 0
C 12
B 30
A 54
S 72
SS 156

Drop rate boosts

Depending on the total points earned, players will receive a drop rate boost during the Hunters Boost Road quests only which will be shared with any other party members. The maximum amount of boosts are +25% drop anything rate, and +6% rare drop rate depending on points.

The accumulation of drop boosts is higher at lower points. Drop anything rate will max at 156 points, and rare drop rate can only be obtained after attaining SS rank at 180 points, and 300 points are required to max rare drop rate boosts.

Points Drop rate Rare rate
6 +5% -
12 +10%
18 +11%
24 +13%
30 +15%
36 +16%
42 +18%
48 +19%
54 +20%
60-66 +21%
72-90 +22%
96-126 +23%
132-150 +24%
156-174 +25%
180-198 +1%
204-222 +2%
228-246 +3%
252-270 +4%
276-294 +5%
300 +6%

Experience boosts

Depending on the total points earned, players will also gain an experience boost during the Hunters Boost Road quests only if playing in Normal, Hard and Very Hard difficulties, and only on characters under level 100 (non-inclusive). The amount of experience rate depends on the total Hunters Boost Road points, calculated with the below formula:

5% + (Hunters Boost Road Points) (Max 50%)

For example, a player with 24 Hunters Boost Road points will receive a +29% boost to experience rates, but only when playing outside of Ultimate difficulty, and on a character under level 100.

This means 45 Hunters Boost Road points are required for achieving the maximum of experience rate boost of 50%.

Unlike drop rate boosts, this boost is not shared with other players.

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