Heart of YN-0117

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Tool icon.png Heart of YN-0117
Type: Mag Cell
Hex: 031810
A kit that helps certain Mags evolve.
- In-game description

Heart of YN-0117 is a Mag cell. It is used to create the Elenor mag when used with a level 50+ third evolution Mag.



Heart of YN-0117 could be obtained from the 2016 and 2017 Summer Badge Shops in exchange for 50 1st Anniv. Silver Badges and 50 2nd Anniv. Silver Badges, respectively.

Heart of YN-0117 was given out to every player who participated in the 2016 Anniversary Event, as a reward for 500,000 kills being accumulated server-wide over the course of the event.

Heart of YN-0117 could be obtained from a 2016 Christmas Present on Hard difficulty or higher.